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The 23/24 Youth All Mountain Ski Team, Kodiak Ski Team and Race Development Team are sold out. Teams for the 24/25 season will go on sale in March 2024.

We have a team for you and your athlete. As part of a team, you will train with our professional coaching staff and a group of your peers in order to elevate your skills! For more information please review the Teams Handbook and click on “All Mountain” or “Racing” below.

The Bear Valley Teams Program works in cooperation with The Bear Valley Snowsports Foundation.

The Bear Valley Snowsports  Foundation (BVSF) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the support of Bear Valley’s snow sports athletes in achieving their athletic, academic and personal goals. The programs we support promote the development of essential skills; stimulate interest in competitive events and the positive values of sportsmanship, self discipline, goal setting, character building and the pursuit of healthy lifetime activities.

The SnowSports Foundation assists BearValley’s competitive teams and development programs by helping to stage intramural, Central Sierra Series and USSS competitions, as well as intensive training camps. Our members assist coaches with training setup, safety monitoring, team communication and administrative tasks. Through fundraising and on-mountain volunteer work, we provide Bear Valley with the necessary parent and community support to develop highly competitive ski and snow sports teams.


2023/2024 Training Schedule:

2023/2024 Training Schedule: 

Dec 16-17, 27-30

Jan 20-21

Feb 3-4, 24-25

March 9-10, 23-24

April 6-7

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