Can I come to retrieve items from my season locker?

> We are currently allowing guests to get into their season lockers Monday thru Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm, no appointment needed.

Am I able to utilize the ski area property for outdoor activities such as hiking, snowmobiling, skiing, and snowboarding, etc?

> The mountain is currently closed to public access due to restrictions in place from state and local governments as well as the US Forest Service.

If we renew our pass now, will we be reimbursed if the 2020-21 season fails to open due to Covid-19?

> If Bear Valley is unable to open for the 20/21 season, Season Passes will be rolled over to the 21/22 season.

Will Bear Valley extend any sort of discount for season pass holders due to the shortened 19/20 season?

> Bear Valley is offering its season passes for the 20/21 season at the same price as the 19/20 season. That means there will be no increase in season pass pricing for 20/21. As well, Bear Valley has extended its Spring Season Pass Sale through May 31st, 2020.

I am having difficulty purchasing my season pass, season locker or team product and I want to complete my purchase before the spring deadline on May 31st. What can I do?

> If you are experiencing purchasing issues, please email seasonpass@bearvalley.com and include a phone number where you can best be reached. Please understand that given the current concerns regarding the pandemic, Bear Valley has limited staffing available to respond to inquiries so we appreciate your patience.  We will work with guests that we have ongoing communication with to honor our spring pricing even as the May 31st deadline passes. An email inquiry at seasonpass@bearvalley.com is required for follow up communication in the coming weeks. If you have already contacted us via seasonpass@bearvalley.com we ask that you please refrain from multiple email requests regarding the same issue to reduce the administrative time needed to follow up on inquiries.

I have been trying to call Bear Valley but have not been able to reach anyone. How should I contact the resort?

> Due to currently limited staff and access to the resort facilities, we are unable to staff our phone lines. For inquiries regarding purchasing products for the 20/21 season, please email seasonpass@bearvalley.com . For general inquiries not regarding purchases, please email fun@bearvalley.com .