Lessons at Bear Valley

Learning how to ski or snowboard has never been easier. The Bear Valley Snow Sports Department specializes in safe and fun lessons that teach the skills of skiing and snowboarding.  Let our expert ski and snowboard instructors teach you how to slide with confidence and a smile!   Choose the links below based on the age of the person you would like to start experiencing the fun of snow sports!

Purchase Lessons

Call to book your lesson today at 1-209-753-2301 x 777

Watch this video about where to go when you arrive at Bear Valley Resort, and what to do before your lessons. 

Ability Levels

Cub Club offers beginning through intermediate group lessons:

  • Beginner – First time ever participating in the sport (skiing or snowboarding).  Starting with the basics.  
  • Novice – Student has been before, understands how to use the equipment.  Capable of stopping independently and riding a basic carpet lift.  Turning skills emphasized in this lesson.  May or may not have ridden a chairlift.
  • Intermediate – Ability to load and unload a chairlift on beginner slopes.  Comfortable controlling speed and making turns on beginner slopes with a smile.  For skiers — the wedge (aka snowplow) is likely still present, but the wedge is starting to get smaller with the possibility of parallel skis while traversing.
  • Advanced skiers and snowboarders are able to join an intermediate group, but the focus will be on building and refining intermediate skills.  We recommend Private Lessons for advanced skiers and snowboarders.