Season Pass Protection

Bear Valley Mountain Season Pass Protection Plan

How does the Pass Protection Plan work?

The Pass Protection Plan is available to all Adult, Youth, College, Senior, and Weekday Pass holders. The Pass Protection Plan offers a pro-rated carryover program giving pass holders the confidence that their Season Pass investment is protected in case of injury or an extensive medical condition during the winter season. 

What is the cost of the Pass Protection Plan for the 18/19 season?

The Pass Protection Plan is available to all Season Pass holders. Carefully consider the Protection Plan as no other offers are available to protect your investment in case of injury or medical condition.

$20: Until April 30, 2018 
$35: May 1, 2018 – October 31, 2018
$50: November 1, 2018 – Opening Day

PEAKS Season Pass Holders – The Pass Protection Plan is included with the purchase of your PEAKS Season Pass!

How is the Credit Carryover applied?

The credit carryover plan ensures that all pass holders enrolled in the Season Pass Protection Plan and who meet the terms of the program are eligible to receive a credit towards the purchase of a Season Pass for the following season. To determine the amount of credit that will be issued, a simple pro-rated formula is applied based on the number of times the pass holder has used their pass:

  • Used pass less than 0-2 times: 100% credit carryover
  • Used pass 3-5 times: 50% credit carryover
  • Used pass 6 or more times: The pass is considered “fully utilized” and full value of the pass has been received and no additional credit will be issued

The determined pro-rated credit applied will also be subject to a $30 processing fee. For example, a pass that has been determined to receive a $399 credit would receive $369 actual credit to apply towards the following season.


Other terms and conditions apply and this policy is subject to change.  Please click on the link below to file a claim ONLY IF you are enrolled in the pass protection plan.  PEAKS pass holders are automatically enrolled. All other passes would have had to purchase pass protection prior to the start of the 17/18 season to be eligible.  If you are not sure if you purchased pass protection send an email to or call us.   

209-753-2301, ext 777  File a Claim
ver. 4/5/18