2022/23 Season Pass Protection Plan Details

Skyline Bear Valley Resort is offering a Season Pass protection plan that provides a way for Season Pass holders to secure their investment!

How does the Pass Protection Plan work?

The Pass Protection Plan is available to all Adult, Youth, College, Senior and Weekday Season Pass holders. The Pass Protection Plan offers a pro-rated carryover program giving pass holders the confidence that their Season Pass investment is protected in case of injury or an extensive medical condition during the winter season. 

The Pass Protection Plan must be purchased at the time of Pass purchase – NO EXCEPTIONS!

What is the cost of the Pass Protection Plan?

The Pass Protection Plan is just $20 and is available to all Season Pass holders. Carefully consider the Pass Protection Plan, as no other offers are available to protect your investment in case of injury or medical condition.

How Is the Credit Carryover applied?

The credit carryover plan ensures that all pass holders enrolled in the Season Pass Protection Plan and who meet the terms of the program are eligible to receive a credit towards the purchase of a Season Pass for the 2023/2024 season. To determine the amount of credit that will be issued, a simple pro-rated formula is applied based on the number of times the pass holder has used their pass: 

– Used Pass 0 to 2 times – 100% credit carryover

– Used Pass 3 to 5 times – 50% credit carryover

– Used Pass 6 or more times – the pass is considered *fully utilized*. In this case, the full value of the pass has been received, and no additional credit will be issued.

The determined pro-rated credit applied will also be subject to a $30 processing fee. For example, a pass that has been determined to receive a $399 credit would receive a $369 credit to apply toward next year’s Season Pass once the processing fee has been applied. 

Terms and conditions

  • No CASH refunds will be issued; all remunerations will be issued in the form of a credit carryover. 
  • Credit carryovers can only be applied to the claimant and must be utilized towards a Season Pass for the winter season immediately following the season in which injury or medical condition occurred. All carryover rates are based on the price at the time the Season Pass was originally purchased and will be applied towards the equivalent applicable pricing season for the season in which the carryover credit is applied (i.e. a pass purchased at the spring rate will be credited towards a pass carried over to the next seasons’ spring rate. A pass purchased at the summer rate will be credited towards a pass carried over to the next seasons’ summer rate. A pass purchased at the winter rate will be credited towards a pass carried over to the next seasons’ winter rate) less a $30 processing fee.
  • Credit carryovers will only be applied once the resort has closed for the winter season (i.e., credit carryover cannot be applied towards any pass during the same season it was issued) 
  • Recommendation of non-participation must be provided in writing by a certified medical physician. (Physician may not be related to the claimant, and recommendation must be on physician’s letterhead from a physician residing and practicing in the continental United States). 
  • Based on the date a carryover claim is filed, should the season pass show any activity or use after that date (including using for resort discounts on purchases) the carryover claim will not be honored by Skyline Bear Valley Resort. 
  • The cost of the Pass Protection Plan is non-refundable for any reason.
  • Protection Plan becomes invalid if Pass activity indicates 6 or more days of usage.
  • The Pass Protection Plan is valid for only one winter season; re-enrollment is required every season.


This Protection Plan has exclusions, including but not limited to the following: Any loss caused by skiing or riding outside the established boundaries of the “ski area”; lack of snow at the ski resort; dissatisfaction with conditions, terrain, employees or other facets of Skyline Bear Valley Resort; skiing competition of any kind; professional skiing or ski patrol activities; job transfer, change of employer, loss of employer or loss of employment; transfer to an educational institution; suicide or any attempted threat; alcohol, drug or other substance abuse; being under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other substances; being legally intoxicated as defined by laws at the jurisdiction where the accident occurred; mental or emotional disorders, or pre-existing medical conditions.

All Skyline Bear Valley Resort Season Pass Sales Are Final. NO CASH REFUNDS will be provided; remuneration will be issued by means of a “credit carryover” for the following winter season.

I have read, understand, and agree with the Season Pass Protection Plan Terms, Conditions, and Exclusions. I understand that even if I purchase the Season Pass Protection Plan, I may still not be eligible to receive any sort of credit carryover depending on pass usage and the terms and exclusions outlined within this form. I understand that any credit carryover will be determined at the sole discretion of Skyline Bear Valley Resort.

Pass Protection is non-transferable and non-refundable

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