Worth the Wait – Snow, Snow, Snow

Expecting a good dumping of snow tonight (fingers crossed).  We hesitate to say the ” MM” phrase, we don’t want to jinx this fabulous month we are having so far… but you know what we are thinking  😉  Forecast calling for 22-24 inches overnight with winds between 20-30mph possible.  Our teams will be on site tonight and in the morning getting lot, lifts and mtn prepped for your arrival. 

Tomorrow winds are projected to be in the 12-15mph range.  With large amounts of snow, delays are possible on big powder days, so please take your time driving on the highway,  be safe,  there will be plenty of powder to go around!!

If you are not a pass holder and plan to ski or ride at least two more days, by all means  get the spring pass…it’s cheaper!!  Check out the details here