Tuning & Repair

Ready to Ride?

Does your equipment need any repairs or a tune-up? Stop by Bear Valley’s Repair Shop and our technicians will have you hitting the slopes in no time. 

Hot Wax

Hot Wax MachineSki or Snowboard waxing – belt waxTBD
Hand Hot WaxSki or Snowboard waxing – by hand TBD
Hand Hot Wax – RaceSki or Snowboard waxing – by hand using “race” waxTBD


Minor Tune-Up

Includes belt wax & edge sharpenTBD

Full Tune-Up

Includes hand wax, edge sharpen, and base grindTBD
Edge SharpenSharpen ski or snowboard edgesTBD
Ski MountIncludes mount and binding testTBD
Snowboard MountMount your snowboard bindingsTBD
Ski Re-MountTransfer bindings from one set of ski’s to another – includes binding testTBD
Snowboard Re-MountTransfer bindings from one snowboard to anotherTBD
Test Ski BindingsSet and test ski’s din settingsTBD
Labor ChargeAny other repairs needed – cost will depend on laborTBD