Mountain Biking Fundamentals Workshop

A SingleTrack Mind is bringing their mountain biking workshop to Bear Valley on July 10th!

Core MTB Fundamentals is a 1-day 7-hour workshop. They have a set curriculum to help you master and improve your biking fundamentals. Learn solid foundation skills such as bike-body separation, braking, slow speed, balance, body position, switch backs, and more.

SingleTrack Mind’s Core fundamental clinics are for all abilities. Sessions are progression-based skill-building suited for those eager to refine their current skill set. Each level of rider can progress and challenge within their level of ability. Regardless of how you currently ride, this clinic will optimize your time on the bike, boost your confidence on varied terrain and sharpen your skill set. This will allow you to ride faster, better, stronger and with more confidence. Small group sizes allow for personalized skill focus, which lets us meet the needs of each rider.

• Clinics are coached being mindful of social distancing policies and do provide face coverings for all riders.
• a COVID questionnaire will be sent out in the pre-clinic welcome email to all riders.

• Each rider will receive a collection of Kates Real Food Bars to fuel their ride during the session. 
• After the clinic, tips and techniques will be emailed to have as a resource!

Register on the event website page below!

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