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Bear Valley offers a total of 9 lifts and 75+ trails across 1680 ski-able acres and a 1900′ vertical drop for an amazing amount of variety for all abilities. Our Lifts include a high-speed 6-pack, a high-speed quad, one triple chair, four double chairs, and two conveyor carpet lifts with one carpet exclusively dedicated to the Cub Club Children’s Learning Center. 

The terrain at Bear Valley is accessible for beginners, seasoned pros, and everyone in between. 

  • 25% of our trails are beginner-friendly
  • 40% are intermediate
  • 35% are advanced or expert

Hours of Operation: 

Summer: Mokelumne Express runs from 10am-4pm weekends & Holidays July Through September (currently), this may change

Winter: Mokelumne Express, Cub, Super Cub and the carpets run from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM daily.

Polar Express and Grizzly run from 9:00 AM – 3:30 daily. 

*Note: Certain trails and lifts will close when conditions do not permit safe operation. Please expect delays in extreme weather situations. 

Updated: Friday, November 25, 2022

Lift Status

Mokelumne Express
Little Cub Carpet
Panda Carpet
Polar Express
Pooh Bear
Super Cub

Trail Status

not groomed
Green circle Easy Status Groomed
Mikey’s Meadow true true
Rodeo true true
Cub Meadow true true
Ego Alley true true
Greg’s Way false false
Lodge Run true true
Blue square Difficult Status Groomed
Goldilocks false false
Burgess Bridge false false
Mokelumne West true true
Pipeline false false
Tuck’s Traverse true true
Spring Gap true false
Bono’s Alley true true
Upper Mokelumne false false
Hog Back true true
Lonely Pine false false
NASTAR true true
Sugar true true
Water Tank true true
Bear Boogie false false
Feather/NASTAR Traverse true true
West World false false
Big John false false
Lunch Run false false
Shady Grove false false
Grouse Connection false false
Satisfaction false false
Pacesetter false false
East Bowl false false
Black diamond Advanced Status Groomed
Feather Duster true false
Lower Mokelumne true false
Kyle’s false false
Corral Ridge false false
Blue Jay Way false false
Oopla false false
Yellow Submarine true false
Spy Glass false false
Monte Wolfe true false
Tigger’s false false
National true false
Kohoutek Gulley false false
Groovey Gulley true false
Grizzly Gate false false
Anticipation Gate false false
Australia Street true false
Freefall Gate false false
Cliff Run true false
Snow Valley Gate false false
Hari Kari Gate false false
Bad Boy Gate false false
Home Run false false
Porridge Bowl true false
Cornice true false
Hank’s true false
Double black diamond Expert Status Groomed
Gunmount Gate false false
West Ridge Gate false false
orange lozenge Terrain Parks Status Groomed
Kodiak Park false false
Cub Park true true

Trail Maps

There are unique zones across our Mountain; each area/zone may experience delays or closures at any time related to weather or snow conditions, or other circumstances that may prevent operations.