R.E.A.L Program

Recreation. Exploration. Adventure. Learning.

Play and Learn in the Sierra at Bear Valley Mountain

What is R.E.A.L?

Bear Valley’s R.E.A.L program uses the natural world to give students a learning experience that cannot take place in a classroom, interlacing core aspects of Next Generation Science Standards. Through this program, students will have the opportunity to participate in an environmental and outdoor education program in California’s scenic Sierra Nevada. Students will attend naturalist-led hikes, study water quality at Lake Alpine, climb rock walls, explore the night sky, and discover the history of the mountain, its people, and more. Through exploration of the Stanislaus National Forest, high meadows, and watersheds of the Sierra, students will learn about native plants, wildlife, and the relationships that connect all living things in this mountain ecosystem. 

Curriculum May Include:

  • Water Ecology
  • Geology/History
  • Art in Nature
  • Flora & Fauna
  • Human Impact
  • Practices of Science
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