What To Expect On 2/5/23


Weather: Tonight – Things kick into high gear as 17-23″ looks to fall overnight but the bigger element is high winds increasing into the mid 30’s on average with 50mph+ gusts and even sustained for a bit after the midnight hour.

Sunday 2/5 – Another 10-14″ looks to fall during the day Sunday with winds decreasing slightly but still into the mid 30’s or so. The system looks to exit east overnight Sunday making way for another day on Monday for quality POW riding.

Delays: High winds and heavy snowfall may affect operations, expect possible delays.

Terrain Planned To Be Open: Cub, Super Cub, Panda Carpet, Little Cub Carpet, Mokelumne Express,
Koala, Polar Express.

Will Grizzly be open?
“Those in the know may already understand the wind situation described above and how it will affect operations as high winds usually put a hold on Koala and the Grizz Chairs. The second element is high wind transported snow as the compressed timeline (24hrs or so for the snowfall) will bring up to 3′ of new snow coupled with cooler temps giving way to increased avalanche intensity from redistribution. Having said that, Ski Patrol will be out doing control work Sunday morning with the expectation of controlling the lower Mtn if conditions allow it. My experience at this time says, the Grizz will most likely see a hold on Sunday until Ski Patrol can makes their initial pass down the Grizz to vet things out and get the control work done. Again, winds will play a huge factor as well as the volume of snow so please consider a bit of patience on Sunday and enjoy the upper mtn and backside while we mitigate the Grizz for all Ya’ll”. -Mattly Trent, Director of Ski Operations & Risk Management

Shuttle Service: One shuttle will be operating tomorrow – head to our “shuttle service” page for our shuttle schedule.

Travel: Check Caltrans for road conditions, carry chains – know how to use them.

Parking: Snow removal will be taking place, DO NOT PARK ON BANKS, it impedes snow removal – you will be ticketed.

Stay Informed: Mattly’s Weather Report & our social channels + website.