Powder Bears and BV Live has teamed up for a very special performance by Blue Summit on March 23rd

On the Sun Deck at the Mountain
Music starts: 11:00 AM
*Weather Permitting

Listen Now!

Band Bio:

Blue Summit began in the California bluegrass community, a scene full of hard-working, hard-playing bluegrassers whose music reflects a deep knowledge and love of traditional bluegrass. AJ, Sully, and Jesse were raised in this community since they were kids (AJ since she was a toddler), and have been instilled with this love of bluegrass. But bluegrass isn’t all music has to offer, and they quickly broke out of the mold to develop their own voice. Since Blue Summit began, they have explored many other genres while always maintaining a sound that is honest, exciting, and alive. Headed by songwriter and award-winning vocalist AJ Lee, Blue Summit combines the traditional with the new to create a dynamic and unforgettable experience.