BV LIVE PRESENTS: Grover Anderson & Jimbo – “Freight”

Jimbo Scott is a performing songwriter who was born in Memphis, Tennessee and raised in Oakland, California. Steeped in traditions of folk, roots, country, bluegrass, and rock, Jimbo has developed a unique soulful sound. With a rich and powerful voice, Jimbo sings songs dedicated to a vivid world, full of passion and color.

Grover Anderson was raised in the gold rush town of Murphys, California. The rich culture of the area, along with lifelong exposure to fiction, theater, and music, instilled a storytelling nature that is evident in Grover’s writing. After graduating from the bar-band scene of late 00’s Santa Barbara, Grover returned to Northern California and focused on lyric-driven, folk-influenced music.

While they still tour individually, as Freight the two put on a show much greater than the sum of their parts. Accompanied by two guitars, occasionally a percussionist, and always Jimbo’s impressive beard, their harmonies, and energy are something to see.

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