Where Is the Best Skiing in California?

Skiing is a fun and engaging activity that’s good for all ages. That might be why more than 400 million people worldwide make a ski visit each year. 

But with so many different resorts spread across the States, it can be tough to pick one that’s right for you. There are many options, but some stand out from the crowd. 

Want to learn more about where you can enjoy the best skiing in California? You’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out more about this fantastic Bear Valley ski lodge. 

Bear Valley Resort

Bear Valley Resort has been in operation for many years, but it’s sometimes considered the best-kept secret in the Sierra. Spanning 1,680 acres and surrounded by beautiful scenery, it has something for everyone. 

We can keep you happy and entertained whenever you visit with a range of slopes, facilities for year-round activities, and excellent accommodations. 

Despite its feeling of isolation and beauty, the resort is easily accessible. We even offer a shuttle service to take you from the nearby village to the resort. You can enjoy a taste of the beautiful views as we drive you to your destination. 

Fun All Year Round

While Bear Valley is primarily known as a skiing resort, visitors can have fun here all year round. There’s so much to do here in the mountains, whatever the weather.

Visit in summer, and you can enjoy mountain biking on the trails or take to the water for some canoeing or kayaking. You can have fun on the slopes, skiing, snowboarding, or sledding in winter.  

It’s often said that Bear Valley is a great place to enjoy all four seasons. The region is just as fun to visit in summer as in winter. 

The Best Skiing in California?

With so many resorts across the state, it’s hard to say where the best skiing in California truly is. One thing’s for sure; Bear Valley has some of the best terrains! 

A winter vacation to Bear Valley isn’t just about relaxing and enjoying the views. It’s also about skiing, experiencing the rush of air and adrenaline as you hurtle down a slope. 

We have a range of different slopes available to suit all different skill levels. With over 1,900 vertical feet across our property, it’s no wonder that there are so many great slopes open, providing a good challenge for experienced skiers and a gentle learning experience for newcomers to the sport

We have ski lifts, a sports shop, and instructors to help you enjoy the slopes. We do our best to support all our visitors and help them improve their skiing ability. 

If you’re looking for something a little more laid back, why not explore our backcountry snow trails? Nearby business Bear Valley Adventures offers snowmobile rentals to help you navigate the area and visit nearby cabins. 

Here at Bear Valley, everything we do is to ensure you have a great time. When you visit the valley, there’s so much fun to be had, and we want to help you make the most of your time here. 


As much as you might like to, you can’t spend 24 hours a day out on the slopes! Luckily, we offer plenty of places to relax after an exhilarating day on the slopes. 

Bear Valley Lodge is an iconic lodge, sometimes considered the best ski lodge in California. Located in our lodge village, it features rustic rooms, many of which offer fantastic views out over the valley. Imagine sitting inside, warm and cozy, drinking hot chocolate while you gaze out over the valley. 

Forget some essentials? No problem. Our onsite general store has everything necessary to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. We also have a sports shop, perfect for when you need extra skiing gear. 

A Bite to Eat

Skiing is a great way to build up an appetite. Luckily, there are a variety of restaurants available in the resort village. There’s something to suit everyone from Wonte Wolfe Saloon to the Sky High Pizza & Pub. 

With seven full dining options, you can be sure there’s something that will appeal to your tastes and meet any dietary requirements you might have. Different establishments are open throughout the day, so you’re covered for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening drinks. 


We have regular events at the resort throughout the year, so if you’re looking for something extra to keep the family entertained, we’ve got you covered. 

We run special learning events, showcase live music in our restaurants, and even host an Easter egg hunt for the kids in spring. Check out our calendar to learn more about upcoming Bear Valley events. 

And in 2023, we’re set to host one of our most significant events when the World Pro Ski Tour comes to Bear Valley. Skiing pros from all over the world will compete on our slopes. That should tell you something about the quality of our slopes! 

And how about an event of your own? We host weddings at our lodge, so you can tie the knot in beautiful surroundings and make memories with stunning views stretching below you. 

Plan Your Stay

With comfortable lodges, beautiful surroundings, and, as far as terrains go, some of the best skiing in California, you’re sure to have an amazing time at our resort. Many people return after their first trip to enjoy even more fun. 

If you want to experience all these fantastic features and more, it’s time to book a vacation at Bear Valley ski resort. There’s so much to see and do here, and you’re bound to have a great time. Check out our offers today and you could save money on the vacation of a lifetime.