Web Cam Help


If you’re seeing a Red X instead of the web cams, you need to install Java™ software to view Java applets and restart your web browser.


Control Features

Start Control Button: Push this button to take control of the camera. If already in use by another user, you will be placed in a queue in order of your request to take control and a countdown timer will show how many seconds until your turn. You may need to click twice to be placed in the queue. Once you gain control you will be allowed two minutes to control the camera, which will count down and be highlighted in green.

Time Left Indicator: This shows how much time you will have to wait until your turn to take control of the camera. Once the start control button has been selected, this will begin your countdown. When it is your turn, this indicator will highlight in a green color and begin to countdown your time to actually control the camera.

Pan Left/Right: By sliding the pan tab left and right, the camera will respond by moving in that direction, staying at the current zoom level.

Tilt Up/Down: When moving the slider tab up or down, this will result in the camera view moving in that direction. Slide up to pan up and down to pan down. Your zoom level will not change.

Zoom In/Out: By sliding this tab up or down, it will zoom in or out of the current view and angle. Slide down for a wide panoramic shot or up to zoom in.

Snapshot Button: Click this button to take a snapshot picture of the current camera view. This will open another browser window with that picture inside.

Lighter/Darker: Clicking this button once will lighten the image and clicking the button again will make the camera image darker. Use for adjusting levels in varying contrast situations