Bear Valley is delighted to announce that local cellular carrier Golden State Cellular have initiated an agreement with Verizon Wireless that will allow Verizon customers access to data services such as: picture messaging, email, internet access and social media updates from the appropriate Verizon device when in the Mother Lode and on the Golden State Cellular network.  That’s very exciting news for those of you looking to stay in touch while enjoying the mountain (and all our area has to offer) because not only does that mean you can “stay connected” while driving up all weather Hwy 4 to Bear Valley – you’ll also have service on the mountain as Golden State Cellular has a site up here as well!  So now if you grab a great photo at the top of the run and want to share it right away – you can do it!  And if the boss thinks your working you can shoot him a quick email from the chair lift letting him know what a great tough day you’re having.  So come and see us – you’ve got one less reason not to.