Bear Valley Mountain Ski Patrol consists of 23 Professional  Patrollers and up to 30 Volunteer Patrollers from the National Ski Patrol.

The role of the Ski Patrol is to maintain the ski slope area within the resort’s area boundary. This includes the first aid treatment and transport of injured skiers and riders, monitoring the ski area for reckless and dangerous behavior, public education, avalanche mitigation and search and rescue.

The patroller’s day begins with a sweep of all the open ski runs to determine suitability for skiers and riders, to clear or mark hazards and to report on the conditions the skiing public may expect to encounter. On snow days, the Ski Patrol will go out on the hill at dawn and perform avalanche mitigation with explosives and ski cutting before opening to the guests.

Once the mountain is open and the skiers and riders are out on the hill, ski patrol duties include;

  1. Constant monitoring and reporting of hazards and snow conditions
  2. Rescue and retrieval of injured or distressed skiers and riders
  3. Speed control (preventing reckless or out of control skiers and riders)
  4. Providing advice and directions to the skiing public
  5. Maintenance of rescue equipment, signage, safety pads (fence and lift), rope lines & fences
  6. Ongoing training and skills maintenance

At the conclusion of the skiing day, Patrollers again conduct a coordinated sweep of the entire open ski area, closing all runs and making sure no skiers or riders remain on the runs.