Bear Valley Mountain has established a contract with Renewable Choice Energy and is purchasing Green-e Certified Clean Source power. This third party certified carbon neutral electricity comes from solar and wind generation plants all over the American West. Operating the chairlifts is one of our highest areas of electrical usage and reducing that carbon foot print by purchasing renewable energy to run the chairlifts is one of the most important aspects of our Environmental Plan. Additionally, we are purchasing clean power to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions for snowmaking as well, thereby taking several steps to off set our energy usage.  As of the 09-10 season, 66% of the electricity we use will be from a certified clean source. This year we will prevent more than 450 tons of CO2 from being produced therefore combating global warming. By the beginning of the 2010-11 season we will be purchasing 100% clean power for all the lifts, facilities and snowmaking! From there on, we will be preventing at least 711 tons of CO2 entering the atmosphere every year! For more information on Renewable Energy, click here

 Additionally, Bear Valley Mountain has completely offset (100%) the carbon impacts of the main day lodge. We have enrolled in PG&E’s Climate Smart Program. This exciting program allows PG&E customers to invest in carbon offsets equal to how much CO2 their home or business creates. Climate Smart invests in new independently certified greenhouse gas emission reduction projects in California. These projects include restoring native redwood forests and capturing methane gas from dairy farms, just to list a couple. (www.joinclimatesmart.org)