Customer Service0Main Office
General Manager & COO103Jim Gentling
Human Resources Director102Andrea Young
HR/Administration732Isabel Lyle
Sales and Marketing Director120Rosie Sundell
Snow Sports Mgr180Aaron Johnson
Patrol Director168Chris Aguirre
Lift Maintenance Mgr191Justin Bradshaw
Marketing ManagerMarketing ManagerAshley Moore
IT Manager731Mitch Powell
Accounting Manager108Cindy McMullen
Lift Ops Manager141Mike Nelson
Lodge Maintenance Supervisor175Lukas Morozinski
Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor173Steve Stanfill
F & B Manager132Tami Shaffer
Rental Manager127Marilyn Davis
Retail Manager126Darren Daily
Parking & Transportation Manager714Brad Franke
POS Manager134Justin Cringle
Director of Finance735Michele Sauvadon