2013/2014 Teams Overview

The 2013/2014 Bear Valley Teams Program offers a variety of opportunities for intermediate/advanced/expert skiers and snowboarders.  The team structure is similar to last year, plus new additions to raise value and encourage Team members to become snow sports enthusiasts for life.  The goal of the Bear Valley Teams Program is to develop strong skiers and snowboards that respect the mountain environment.  Whether participants are interested in All Mountain, Race, or Freeride, mastering the fundamental is key to success and enjoyment.  Along the way, participants form friendships and bonds with the Bear Valley community.

The Bear Valley Teams Program has three categories: All MountainRace and Freestyle.  Within each group are sub-categories that are represented in the diagram below.


All Mountain Teams
The All Mountain Teams are divided into “Youth All Mountain Ski & Board”, “Youth All Mountain+ Ski & Board”, “Adult All-Mountain Ski”, and “Adult All-Mountain+ Ski”.  Each team trains every other weekend from mid-December through March, including the Holiday Training Camp. The goal of the All Mountain Team is guide participants to become confident and safe skiers and riders at the resort.  The All Mountain+ Team continue this theme and includes training in avalanche safety, mountain survival and an exciting adventure on the Bear Tracker Snowcat.

Race Team (Development, Central Series and Far West):
Development Team is for young skiers who are considering joining the competitive race teams or would simply like to try racing. The Development Team trains every other weekend from mid-December – March, including the Holiday Training Camp.  While continuing fundamental skill development, the Development Team members are introduced to Slalom and Giant Slalom racing techniques.

Central Series Team is a competitive race team for intermediate to advanced skier and trains every weekend during the winter season (mid-December – early April).  The season revolves around four races and requires travel to three areas outside Bear Valley (Dodge Ridge, China Peak and Badge Pass).  In addition the champions ships are help in early April in Lake Tahoe.  Coaches focus on developing fundamental skills, improve racing techniques and creating a supportive team environment.

Far West Team is a competitive race team for advanced skiers (14+ years old) looking to compete at a top level.  This team trains every weekend from mid-December – early April and travels to more races (up to 9) to more areas such as Lake Tahoe and Mammoth.  This team trains in all disciplines including Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G and Downhill.   This level of racing is when athletes start to focus on

Please make sure that you have joined Bear Valley Snowsports Education Foundation at www.bvsef.org . Membership at BVSEF will ensure you receive important team information as well as have access to a variety of snow sports resources.

Team Program Approach

All Program teams include a comprehensive individual training plan that will focus on developing and improving the skills of each athlete. Bear Valley’s coaching staff will train the athlete to successfully navigate all snow conditions and terrain in a safe, confident manner.

Team composition will be determined by discipline (park, all- mountain, race, ski or snowboard) and ability. In order for the individuals to progress successfully and safely through the season, team composition will include athletes of the same ability level. While efforts will be made to include siblings and/or friends on the same team, their abilities must be similar. Grouping athletes purely by age without allowing for some movement or exposure for athletes who have more or less experience or who are physiologically more or less mature than their same age peers can have a detrimental effect on their performance.

Bear Valley’s Team Program is based in part on the USSA Training Systems which provides a guideline to achieve an integrated system for athlete development. The system is focused on age appropriate content and stages of development, including areas of emphasis within the relevant sport domains, as well as a competition system that optimizes training and competition windows. It is based on a long-term athlete development model for skiers and riders that emphasize age-appropriate training and competition that will allow each athlete to reach their full potential.

For the 2012-2013 season, we will be implementing the USSA SkillsQuest program for skiing. SkillsQuest is a cornerstone program of the Training System designed to assist coaches with and to motivate and reward athletes in working toward and improving abilities in the key areas of emphasis of the Alpine Training System. As its name implies, it represents a quest, or journey toward success in ski and snowboard competition, by focusing on skills, the critical components that make up a high performing ski and/or snowboard competitor. In its full build-out, it will include activities and competencies for skiing and snowboard skills, technique and tactics, conditioning, equipment preparation, performance psychology and athlete management.

Although the USSA Training Systems’ ultimate goal is to develop skiers and riders for world class competition, the fundamental skills embodied in this system comprise the critical foundation for expert skiing and riding whether it is for competition or pleasure.

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