Play in the Sierra. Learn in the Sierra.
Bear Valley Mountain provides a unique location in the high Sierra for affordable adventure and outdoor education. Day trips and multi- day packages can be completely customized to your school’s needs, and we are just a short drive from the Bay Area!

Our course offerings combine outdoor adventure and team building exercises that help students build their skills and self confidence. Hands-on learning in a safe environment and a friendly, knowledgeable staff will ensure a positive and challenging experience for every child.

Adventure Education. Skills for Life.
• Build skills in critical thinking, self confidence and leadership
• Enhance your curriculum with hands-on, experiential learning
• Learn about the surrounding habitat and wildlife from local experts
• Ideal setting for all learning styles
• Private group tours and seminars provide more individual attention for students

Why Attend
We offer exciting adventure education programs for ages 6-18. Outdoor education gives the students the unique opportunity for personal growth and brings them into the field where science can come to life in real-world settings. Our staff will work with teachers and administrators to create programs that meet their curriculum goals while providing unforgettable experiences that help students become confident, aware and engaged citizens.

Sample Course Offerings

  • Alpine Ecology  Explore the forests and high meadows of the Sierra while learning about native plants and wildlife, animal signs and tracking, and the relationships that connect all living things in this mountain ecosystem.
  • Snow Science and Safety  Ski, snowshoe and snowboard as you learn safe snow travel, avalanche rescue skills, snowflake identifi- cation and the dynamics of how the Sierra winter impacts the rest of California.
  • Water Resources  Paddle the local lakes and rivers with experts who will introduce you to aquatic ecosystems and the importance of this resource to the state’s economy and environmental policies.
  • Geology Expeditions  Go hands on and underground as you experience the Sierra’s diverse geologic past with limestone cave adventures, rock climbing on the vast granite walls and hiking through the volcanic mazes of the area’s summits.

All with easy, fast access to Bear Valley Mountain, only three hours from the Bay Area. You can enjoy fantastic group rates on all of your school’s needs.

Contact Us
Bear Valley Central Reservations can be reached at 209.753.2301 x0.