The “Adult Unlimited, Senior, and Super Senior” Season Passes are printed on renewable pass cards.  This does not include Adult Restricted, College, Youth, Child or Kinder Season Passes.

This means that if you purchased a 2013/2014  Season Pass,  all you need to do is pay for a 2014/2015 pass and sign the liability release. We simply reactivate the bar code on your existing pass card and you are on your way to the slopes with the pass you already have!

No Season Pass will be activated without a signed liability release for the 2014/2015 winter season.  Liability releases need to be signed each season by everyone purchasing a pass and is 18 years of age or older.

However, if you purchase online, your media will automatically be activated once you complete your online purchase and you do not need to come to the season pass office at all.

It will no longer be necessary to wait in line for new pass cards. Note: Resort Charge & Pass Protection must be renewed annually.

WHICH PASSES OFFER RENEWABLE MEDIA? There are 3 passes that you can continue to use year after year.  Including the Adult Unlimited, Senior, or Super Senior Passes.  You can recognize RENEWABLE MEDIA because it will not have a DATE on the pass.