Bear Valley is excited to add the “College Pass” to our spring Season Pass Sale.  The college pass  is an UNLIMITED pass, valid 7 days a week, for the 2014/15  season.  What a deal!

This pass is on sale for a limited time.  Pricing corresponds to our SPRING, SUMMER and FALL Calendar sale periods.  HOWEVER, this pass will no longer be offered after Dec 31, 2014.   Best Price is in the spring.

If you are a full-time student right now, bring in the required documentation and you can ski this spring and all of next season too.  PASS WILL NOT BE ISSUED UNTIL PROOF OF 12 UNITS IS PROVIDED. 

To be eligible for this pass you must be a FULL TIME college student (with at least 12 units) AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE  or AT THE TIME OF PICK UP.


1) A student graduating this summer, should purchase their pass while they are still enrolled in school with 12 units.  You can pick up your pass immediately.  However, if you pick up your pass next season and are no longer enrolled, you are still eligible, as long as you can prove you had 12 units at the time of purchase.

2)  If you are currently not in 12 units, but expect to be in the fall, buy your pass at the spring rate and pick up when you are enrolled in 12 units (anytime during the 2014/15 season).  You will still be eligible.

If you have still have questions please email our season pass office.   WE WANT TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT INFORMATION.  You can also email us at .  Our goal is to get you on the slopes, but we need to work within the spirit of Full-Time “starving students” .  So send us an email with your question or justification of why you are a “full-time” student and we will do our best to see if you qualify.   ;)

Once a valid purchase (required documentation provided)  is complete, pass is non-refundable.   Proof of Age (drivers license, birth certificate or passport) and enrollment (officical transcript & Valid College ID) is required.  Documentation must be received before pass is issued.  If correct documentation has not been received, pass will not be issued.  If unable to produce required documentation, pass fee will be refunded less a $25 processing fee.