Bus transportation is available between Bear Valley Village and Bear valley Mountain free of charge.  Bus stops are located outside the entrance to the Village Center (at the rear of the lodge near Sky High Pizza & Pub), and at the flagpoles in front of the lodge on the mountain.  Guests are invited to bring their skis, boards and equipment along.

Weekends & Holidays : Buses will depart every half hour from both the Village and Ski Area

Weekdays: The bus departs form the Village on the hour stating at 8:00am and returns from the mountain on the half-hour, the last bus departs the Ski Area at 4:30pm. 

Preferred Parking

Automobile Parking: $25 Sat – Sun and all Holidays

NO AUTOMOBILE over night parking.

RV Parking: $35–24 hour period  Sat – Sun and all Holidays/overnight

RVs MUST BE SELF contained.

RVs can park in designated areas near "Koala corner", and  Sand Shed Horseshoe Parking Lot (Upper Parking Area) – $35 for the day for a 24 hour period, Sat – Sun and Holidays.  Fee is collected at Preferred Parking Check in Shack or Parking Lot Office.

In the event of snow fall greater then 4 inches –  No Parking will be allowed on the snow banks due to snow removal.

 HANDICAPPED ZONE – 14 spaces are designated for passengers with disabled placard.  There are two van accessible spots.  Please contact our Transportation office for more information or assistance 209-753-2301 x714

Two spots in front of building near ticket office for handicapped vans ONLY, regular handicapped parking designated in front of parking lot 12 spots available.

Cable Pricing Car Cables – $62.99  -  Light Truck Cables – $107.99

Cable Tensioners – $5.00

Phone number for, all car emergencies or problems Sam Berri Towing – 209-728-3931.


No parking zones are designated with no parking signs and cones

Loading zone area has 12 minute limit. Loading zone area is located in front of the lodge, in lower parking lot.

Have a great day on the slopes.

Call 209-753-2301 x732 for more information

Out of Bounds

Ducking Ropelines is prohibited. At Bear Valley Mountain Resort, ropelines are placed to restrict skier & snowboarder traffic – ducking under & jumping over them is prohibited; violators may lose privileges.

  • In some cases ropelines are placed to promote merging and reduce collisions,
  • In some cases ropelines are placed to direct traffic towards gates that may contain essential safety warning signage or may be closed to indicated closed terrain.
  • In some cases they are placed to indicate the boundaries of uniquely dangerous and potentially deadly areas—our Permanently Closed Areas.

California State Penal Code 602-r   (r) Knowingly skiing in an area or on a ski trail which is closed to the public and which has signs posted indicating the closure.Failure to comply with this code can incur a $1000 fine and or 6 months in jail

Alpine County Skier Safty Code (Alpine County Code, Title 8, Chapter 8.40) – Pass holder must obey the Skier Safety Code for Alpine County (“the Code”). The Code describes each skier’s many duties and responsibilities and is important to all members of the skiing public. Violators of the CODE may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Warning: Under the Code, a skier assumes the inherent risk and dangers of skiing including but not limited to: changing weather conditions; variations or steepness of terrain; snow or ice conditions; surface or subsurface conditions, whether man-modified or not; bare spots; creeks; gullies; trees and other natural growth; rocks; stumps; lift-towers and other structures and their components; collision with other skiers or objects and a skier’s failure to ski within the skier’s own ability. Under the Code, you cannot board a lift unless you have sufficient ability to use such lift, and skiers shall follow any written or verbal instructions that they are given by the ski area operator or its representative regarding the use of the lifts.

Lost & Found

(Should we find the owner to a lost item, we can either ship it to you at your expense or we will hold it for one month to allow you time to come and pick it up. Should an item not be claimed, it will be donated. Unfortunately, we do not have the space or ability to keep track of items in the off season.)

  • “Hard Goods”: (Example: Skis/Boards/Poles/Boots etc.) We will keep until the end of the season. Any of these items that are not claimed by the end of the season will be donated to a local charity.
  • “Soft Goods”: (Example: Hats/Goggles/Scarf’s/Jackets etc.) We keep for one month. Unclaimed items will be donated to a local Charity.
  • “Credit Cards”: Our policy is to call the bank and cut up the card. (We keep a log of this and have a witness sign that they saw the card cut up.)
  • “Phones, IPods, Cameras etc….” : We keep these items in the safe until the end of the season. Unclaimed items are donated to a local charity.


Dogs are allowed on the sundeck & parking lot ONLY and on a leash. DO NOT leave your dog unattended. Please be mindful if you leave your dog in your car, with appropriate air flow and check on them on a regular basis. Be courteous and pick up after your dog. All dogs that are unruly, barking or bothering others, will be asked to leave. Only service dogs are allowed in buildings. No dogs allowed on slopes or lifts.