49ersAaah, the 80s - that happy little decade between social activism and the Grunge era.  When Madonna defined fashion for the girls and Wham introduced “rap”.     It was a time when mustaches were practically a requirement and the Corey’s & Kirk Cameron were king.  Hair was “in” and the period is defined as the zenith of the Mullet’s popularity – of course, only to be perfected by Andre Agassi in the 90’s (albeit a wig).

mustache tom-selleckIt was a time when amateur athletes around the world were training  to “eye of the tiger” and if you  were a sports fan, the 80′s did not disappoint.  John McEnroe made “you can’t be serious” a thing and if you were a bay area sports fan you may recall the 49ers were winning superbowls  and the A’s & the Giants met up in the World Series.    Where “like” was, um like-said all the time and “The Muppets” were cool and we liked it.


Just for fun, we think it’s time to dig into that closet and find your best 80′s get up.  Whatever inspires you; be it music, sports, movies or just the super cool 80′s fashion you loved.  If you are really adventurous…you could always get a mullet hair cut  ;)

Rumor has it; our Terrain Park Crew may be showing up with some cool new “do’s”!!  Cameras will be roaming and we’d love to build a fun photo album…so c’mon have some fun!!