Bear Valley recognizes that our partners are a key aspect of our business and we are committed to developing programs that will effectively support our common goals. Bear Valley’s created Partner Program is a three-tiered program, designed to ensure that our business partners receive effective training, sales tools, and rewards based on the varying needs of their business.

Key Goals of Our Partnerships

  • Ensure that we understand your business goals and requirements for success.
  • Jointly develop and measure effective marketing programs that drive sales and increase ROI.
  • Create customer pull by increasing brand awareness of our businesses through targeted marketing programs.
  • Create incentives that enable our partners and their staff to experience and enjoy our beautiful mountain setting.

We Help You Grow Your Bottom Line

We are confident that the future development and expansion plans for Bear Valley will continue to drive excitement for our joint customers. We have realigned our marketing strategy and staff to ensure that we create opportunities for our partners, through joint programs, lead generation and increasing demand for your products and services by providing the marketing and sales support to help you be successful.

Become a Partner

To determine if your business is a good fit for Bear Valley, contact us to engage in an evaluation of your business goals and Bear Valley’s ability to effectively support you.

Business Development Manager
(for Out-of-Area Partners) 
Laura Gregory Lea
(925) 336-0796