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We are so proud to be a part of the Skyline Investment family and thrilled that Skyline is committed to making Bear Valley a great destination.  Check back here for updates on Moke Express and plans for summer investment coming soon.

Update  March 4, 2018

This morning our team continued trouble shooting and are optimistic they may have found the issue.  Indicator lights are out and Moke was up and running today.  At this time, Moke is scheduled 9-4 daily conditions permitting. Enjoy the ride!!

Update  March 3, 2018

During our Feb inspection, indicator lights presented themselves signaling an electrical anomaly in the lift computer system.  The manufacturer (Leitner-Poma), PG&E, and the Bear Valley Crews have inspected all possible areas above ground that may be creating the problem to no avail.   While the chair will operate, it is equivalent to driving a brand new car with the “check-engine” light on.  With close monitoring, we decided to run the chair and had several days of successful operation despite the indicator.  However on Wed. Feb 28th  when we chose to run the chair in that mode, the operation overloaded, leaving several guests stranded for over an hour.  We replaced the blown component, and currently assessing an opportunity to operate Moke Express, albeit in the same mode.  With close monitoring, we expect not to repeat the issue that occurred this past Wed.   For the long-term, the transformer is the next course of action, but also the last resort as it is buried underground, and now several feet of snow.  We will keep you updated on Moke, in the meantime, we will keep getting you to the top via Kuma and we do have a bit of good news – with the recent accumulation of snow  – Polar Express opened today, along with additional trails on the backside! 

Weather Updates

Lifts and Trails

100 hour Checkup!  Feb 10, 2018

 After the first 100 hours of operation of Moke Express, an engineer from the manufacturer, Leitner-Poma, was on site this past week.  Following the inspection of various components, the manufacturer has provided recommendations to improve optimal efficiency and operation of the lift.  In the interest of properly managing our newest asset, we will begin making recommended adjustments with the Leitner Poma team to ensure longevity and proper maintenance of our chair.  In the meantime, we will be servicing Bear Top via Kuma.  Crews will work through next week to complete punch list and target re-opening next Saturday.  We will update with more info if anything changes.

High Speed Six-Pack Lift – Opening Celebration Saturday, January 13th!

1/12/17 Update – 

At 1 pm on Jan 13th, join us at the Mokelumne Express loading terminal for a christening ceremony to welcome this exciting new high-speed lift to the Skyline Bear Valley Family.   Then be sure to stay for the fireworks and family fun planned after the lifts stop turning,  Click here for more on activities.  It’s a great time to join us for this special weekend of fun and excitement on the mountain.

Be a part of Bear Valley history, tag us with your photos of the day #lovesix #bearvalleymountain #puremountainfun #mokeX 

1/6/17 Update

Our new lift was tested and inspected by the State of CA and Forest Service engineers a week ago and performed well!  During the two day exercise it was determined that there is a carrier clearance issue that needs to be mitigated off the uphill right side of lift, Kuma Rock area.  The lift engineer team and the BV Ops team have embarked on a plan to perform the work required to reach code carrier clearance levels; once complete, the state re-inspects and issues the permit to operate.   Mother Nature may have a positive weather change in store for us by late this week.  With colder temps and/or natural snow we’re just days away from riding the Mokelumne Express! 

12/9/17 Update

It’s time for another update as the crew has made more progress on the Mokelumne Express! Comm lines are now installed and are in the process of being tensioned. The haul rope is scheduled to be pulled and spliced in the next few weeks. The top terminal is nearing completion with the electrical work complete and testing on motor room components happening next. The lower terminal is getting its windows and the crew is hard at work finishing the bottom operator house. There’s still a lot to do but we are still on schedule for Dec 19/20 load test dates!


12/6/17 Update

It’s time for the home stretch! Terminals are in? Check! Towers are in? Check! With much of the heavy lifting done it’s time to take care of the small details which is very important. If you look closely in one of the photo’s below, you can see the crew taking the time to measure and make sure all of the towers are lined up correctly. Also, in case you missed it.. the new lift is called Mokelumne Express (The Moke Express). For all the details on the name CLICK HERE

Everything is moving smoothly and the team appears to be on schedule! Keep following for more updates!

11/18/17 Update – Towers are in!

What an incredible bluebird day for flying.   Work began at 7am today with temps hovering around 19-22 degrees.  Started with a  safety & planning briefing then the crews headed out to their positions.  The speed at which these multi-thousand pound structures are being flown and then received by crews on the ground is an impressive feat.  The story today is the crew.  From the pilots to the team on the ground receiving the towers and crossbars – the adrenaline is pumping on a day like today.   So proud of our BV teams in collaboration with Alpine Cable and Construction (Lift Install contract team)  to successfully maneuver in some very icy conditions and complete the placement of the towers.    We will have some video coming soon.  On we go!

11/9/17 – 11/12/17 Update

Three lift towers are now installed and in place – a good amount of work Saturday and Sunday (pics added below)….

All concrete foundation work is complete and great progress is being made above ground.  The team’s focus now is on the top drive terminal and the bottom return terminal, along with dirt work transformation and the operator house buildings. Light snow/weather activity off and on over the last few weeks adds a bit of a challenge, but the construction crew is experienced and determined and making significant strides daily toward the goal of load testing for the new lift on December 10th. More parts and components are arriving daily – check out the chair in the gallery below! —– NEW PHOTO FROM 11/10/17, LIFT TOWERS HAVE ARRIVED!

10/13/17 Update

The line concrete is done thanks to a helicopter and the crew! The foundation for the drive terminal at the top  of the mountain has also been completed. Right now the crew is hard at work building the foundation for the return terminal. 

9/28/17 Update

One of our first helicopter drops came this week! Rebar cages for towers 7 & 8 were flown in. Progress is being made and we can’t wait till this new lift is finished! Who’s going to be the first to ride it this winter?

9/14/17 Update 

As of today, concrete foundations have been poured for unload top terminal, Towers 11, 10, 9, 6, 5 and 4.   Blasting continuing today on Towers 7 & 8 (on steeps) and should be poured in the next week by flying in concrete/mud.  Towers 3, 2, and 1 then follow. (Side note – Bear Chair had 18 towers, THE NEW LIFT HAS 11!)  In the next few weeks work begins on lower terminal grading and construction preparation.  The helicopter schedule for flying the steel towers into place is targeted for Mid-October.  The New Lift  “naming contest” underway, over 1000 submissions so far, excitement growing.

9/1/17 Update

We have been busy this summer deconstructing bear chair to make way for a  new high-speed six-pack chair lift.  Check out the images below and we will keep adding as we progress.  Winter is on the way!!

The new lift will transport six passengers at a time from the mid-mountain ski lodge to the top of the mountain, at 8500’ elevation, nearly three times faster than the current lift. This exciting lift replacement will replace the Bear chairlift, increasing guest uphill capacity of the mountain’s main artery- we can’t wait to  get you up for a ride.

In the meantime, this new chair needs a name and we are looking for your help.  Join our contest. 

It’s going to be an EPIC 17/18 Season.