Address: 2280, State Route 207
PO BOX 5038
Bear Valley, CA
ZIP: 95223
Ski & Snowboard Area: 209.753.2301
Bear Valley Lodge Phone: 209.753.2327
Fax: 209.753.6421
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bear Valley located? 
Bear Valley is located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. The nearest major town is Arnold, with a supermarket, pharmacy, shopping, restaurants and more. Access to world-class golfing, wine-tasting, horse-back riding & more are all within an hours drive of Bear Valley. Regional Map or Local Map

How do I get to  Bear Valley? 
Bear Valley is conveniently located on scenic all-weather Highway 4, regionally located between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. Access is easy from all areas of Northern California. MapQuest Directions When using MapQuest keep in mind that the mountain is located just up the road from Bear Valley Village on Hwy 207; Continue 2 miles east past the village to reach the mountain.

Driving/Personal Vehicle:
From the Bay Area -
Take 580 east to 205 east to 120 east to 99 north to 4 east and continue to Bear Valley.
From the Central Valley – 
Take 99 north to 4 east and continue to Bear Valley.
From Sacramento
- Take 99 south to 12 east to 49 south to 4 east and continue to Bear Valley. 
From Lake Tahoe / Reno -
Winter – (Ebbetts Pass closes): Take 80 west, 50 west, or 88 west from the greater Lake Tahoe basin, to 99 south to 4 east and continue to Bear Valley.
Summer – Take 4 west off of 88 at Woodfords and continue to Bear Valley.

Public Transportation:
You would take a Greyhound Bus or Amtrak Train to Stockton, California. At the bus/train station in Stockton, transfer to a Calaveras Transit Bus to Arnold. Please note that the Calaveras Transit only runs Monday-Friday, non-holiday and only gets you as far as San Andreas. There is currently limited travel opportunities between San Andreas and Arnold. Additionally, note that there is no public transportation available between Arnold and Bear Valley.

How cold does it get?
December through April is our winter, and even with the California sunshine, it can still be chilly. Temperatures typically range from 10°F (-10°C) to 50°F (10°C).