I’ve never actually raced before, does that matter?

No racing experience required.  If you can manage pretty well on the snow on alpine, tele, cross-country skis or a snowboard then you are half-way there.  Bring your gear and join NASTAR for some race training and take the opportunity to work out with gates.  Learning gate discipline will actually improve your recreational skiing or riding, so come on out and try it.

When are the training clinics?

BVSEF is running NASTAR every Sat. at the ski resort starting Jan. 28th, which will allow you to train on gates until your hearts content.

Since when is 50 a “senior”?

Okay, we have to agree with you there.  We know 50 year old athletes and even many 60, and yes 70 year old athletes don’t consider themselves “seniors” and rightfully so!  But when you have the “junior” Olympics, and the standard “Olympics”, what do you call the one after that?  If you have a good name, I’m sure the NSGA (National Senior Games Association) would love to hear from you!  In the meantime,  you know it and we know it – 50+ athletes still just want to play, have fun and yes, WIN!!  We’ll keep a list of suggested names here. Send your idea to ashleym@bearvalley.com. List of Suggested Names has begun…send us yours:

1) “Grown-up Games”
2) Mature Madness
3) Classic
4) Advanced
5) Masters
6) Geezer games

I’m not an online registration kind of person, how else can I sign up?

We understand, sometimes the coolest technology can be a bit cumbersome.  Feel free to call our winter games headquarters at 209.753.2301 x121 and Ashley will be happy to take your information and get you registered for the games.  Downloadable forms will be available soon.

Are there sponsorship opportunities?

Yes. The California Senior Winter Games at Bear Valley will be a fantastic opportunity to get your brand in front of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts and their families.  Sponsorship opportunities range from $500.00 level to $5000.00 level.  If you are interested in learning more, contact Rosie Sundell at 209.753.2301 x120 or ashleym@bearvalley.com

I heard there are events that will be open to ”all ages”, is that true?

Yes. During the weekend of California Senior Winter Games, there will be a number of activities for family members to sign up and participate in.  Of course family and friends of all ages are encouraged to sign up to  join us for the dinner party, celebrations or to volunteer.

I’d like to volunteer, how do I sign up?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. We will definitely need help.  We will have 2 shifts of volunteers needed over the course of 3 days.  The morning shift is 8am-1pm and afternoon shift from 1pm-5pm.  All volunteers will receive a t-shirt, a lift ticket for future use and complimentary dinner for your service.  If you would like to volunteer, please email Ashley Moore at ashleym@bearvalley.com.  Let her know what day you are available and if you would prefer a morning or afternoon shift. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.  We will post specific positions in the coming weeks, but if you have race experience, registration or timing experience it would be great to have your support.  If you have no experience in any of those areas, don’t worry there are several other positions that will be needed.  Thanks so much for your interest.

Are there Lodging Deals?

Yes. The Bear Valley Lodge is offering an incredible deal as part of the “I Want to Do It All” Package.  For more information or call the lodge directly at 209.753.2327.

Do I have to be a participant to attend dinners or festivities?

Absolutely not!  We encourage our winter game athletes to bring their family and friends to cheer them on and join in the fun.

Can I enter all the events?

We love your enthusiasm, but there will be no physical way to actually do ALL the events.  However, there will be plenty of time to enter a mix of cross country, snowshoe, alpine, snowboard or tele events.  So if you’ve got the skill set, we are thrilled to give you the opportunity to show your stuff.  Timing might be tight, so feel free to call and we will work you through the schedule.  209.753.2301 x121.  In the meantime here is a sample schedule if you choose to indulge:

Alpine Events
Saturday morning GS Race
Sunday morning – Slalom Race, Sunday Afternoon – Dual Slalom

Are lift tickets included in registration fees?

No. You will have the opportunity to pick up your tickets when you check in on race day.

I still have more questions, who can I contact?
We love to talk about the games.  If you are interested in learning more, you can contact Rosie Sundell at 209.753.2301 x120 or ashleym@bearvalley.com