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WOW what a face lift and it’s never too late to get in some powder turns.  Looks like the base spiked up around 62”!  Groomers on the hand will have to wait until tomorrow.  I rode the lift today with numerous guest that had been very disappointed in our lack of grooming, something that we have become noted for and very proud of.

After about a 6 minute lift ride, center around the logistic of grooming when its snowing 2-3” an hour for 10 hours and it takes two to three hours to groom a trail, simple math says that the groomed trail could have up to 6” of new snow on it.  

I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know that it is too dangerous to groom into the day.  We will occasionally be out a little longer in the mornings, but usually not much more than a few minutes

On the more morbid side, hardly a season goes by in our industry, when someone is seriously injured or killed by an encounter with a snowcat.  Our business has enough risk every single day and as for grooming when we are in full skier/rider operations is a risk I am not willing to take.  For you safety if you see or encounter a snow cat on the mountain please give it a wide clearance, and if y ou can’t see the operator he probably can’t see either.

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