Yea yea, I know I have to be more consistent in managing the blog.   But this time around I have been soo busy skiing I have neglected to keep up on the blogging.  I have skied 2 to 3 hours a day almost everyday this past week or so and lovin’ it.  I keep thinking I should stop and take some pictures, but the skiing is so good I just don’t think about it till I get back to base.  I did take one picture the other day of a very special sign.

Just letting you all know that yes, I am very aware that this sign is still out there and the lift is not!  I know it can be confusing when you try to find the ghost of Hibernation.  However, I look at it as a little reminder of the past and what it used to be like when you embarked on that backside adventure.  Someday maybe we’ll change it out, but don’t hold your breath.  While my experience with Hiber was short lived, it still brings a little smile to my face when I remember what a PIA that lift was – cheers, Jim

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