On Monday we had a great standing room only meeting with the BV Water District (meaning sewer) in regards to the USFS Environmental Assessment (EA) and to the BVV Development Environmental Impact Report (EIR).  After months/years of study, analysis, reviews, clarifications, interpretations and extrapolations we all reached a conclusion that secures and preserves enough waste water connections and system capacity to accommodate Bear Valley Village for years to come and at the same time satisfying Alpine County and CEQA requirements to move forward with the preparation of the final EIR.

It’s still a little too early to declare victory, but we believe we are on track for a June if not sooner re-approval by the Alpine County Supervisors.  All that being said, Greg (my boss) and I did find the V’s Bistro open for a celebratory beverage (or two) and then over to Murphys Grill, where Chef Chester cooked us up a fantastic meal.

The positive result of the meeting, for the moment anyway, seemed to take some of the sting away from the season, now ON TO SUMMER – jim

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