I have been skiing and riding past this solar collection tripod for 3 or 4 years and every now and then I think to myself – I gotta remember to ask someone what it does and why it’s there.  Well today I finally asked.

It’s a weather monitoring station for the snowmaking system.  It transmits the ambient plus wet bulb temps and the humidity to a couple of computers around the area.  The snowmaking team then translates the data into gun and nozzle settings to make the best use of optimal temperatures and water usage.

Now that it was explained to me (again), I remember the end around the team took to get it.  It was one of those “here just try this, it’s demos” you get from the salesman, a year later we can’t live w/o it, which then turns into “boy do I have a deal for you” & “you know at this price I am actually loosing money on this deal”.  Hence we are the proud owner of a state of the art solar powered weather monitoring station!

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