Old news, but once again I wanted to thank everybody for coming out to play in this wonderful winter wonderland and especially to all whom offered up such kind and thoughtful sentiments for the staffs efforts for this season.  The Team truly worked their magic every day/night of the season to keep it together providing a fantastic season.

What a great closing weekend – oodels of  new snow just before the weekend, cold temps to preserve the quality, a positive sunny forecast, a great reggae band and BEER.  Saturday was in the top 10 busiest days of the season.  I trust despite the disappointments of no pond skimming – a good time was had by all.

A really, really brief excuse on why Pond Skimming didn’t happen.  We started building the pond on schedule (Tuesday), by mid day Wednesday the pit was in place but now it was snowing heavily.  Then the forecast – lots of snow, wind, lows in the teens & highs barely above freezing.  Try to image busting up & skimming off 2500 square feet of ice 2 to 3” thick off the pond & then missing one piece (think titanic).  So here we go again = Safety First.   Just think, for next year there will be that much more anticipation!

It never ceased to amaze me how the Media can manipulate and spin the weather and conditions.  While I understand the need to provide attention getting news & headlines, I sometime question whether it’s truly fair and balanced!  In our case, we are especially sensitive and subjected to the media whims as we don’t have the deep advertising pockets of most of our competitors that can get out there & combat negativity.  Our day is out there though!

Many have asked it I will continue to blog after we close and through the summer -  yes of course!

Cheers all and have a great summer – jim

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