Way over quoted but it really was “the perfect storm”

It came in warm, wet and heavy, which was a good thing, then it got cold, a really good thing for that base layer. Those lower layers set up to be very dense and as it continued to snow the upper layers just got lighter as the storm raged on. I took a picture from the Sun Deck in the morning and then one at the end of the day of the tracked up face.

Proof positive that the face is open, check out the before and after picture, today (Tuesday) began as a bluebird day on the mountain. We have big plans to open more terrain everyday leading up to Saturday when essentially the Upper Mtn and Bear West will be nearly 100%. Over the next couple of days it will be perfect time for advanced and expert skiers and riders to enjoy ungroomed terrain on Porridge Bowl, Lift-line, Yellow Sub, National and Monte Wolfe (times 2, trail and saloon).

We will also bring the Koala trails on line accessible from Tucks Run until Friday when we plan to have Koala online. If all goes well Koala might even spin on Thursday!

On Bear West the teams working their way out towards Tiggers and Polar Express. The expectation is we will have additional intermediate terrain for wed including West World, Big John, Shady Grove and upper Bear Boogie still serviced by Pooh. They will be targeting to get 95% of the Bear West (aka backside) open by Saturday serviced by the Polar Express.

Village Runs are in the plan as well and currently Home Run and Lunch Run will be open soon via “soft boundary”, while its great to ski back into the Village, it is still a little dicey crossing the stream and as good as the skiing is remember that it is south facing so go early. Be sure to check the bus schedule before start your village adventure.

No matter how you look at it, good storm and great skiing and riding is available right now…with several more runs available in the next couple days, including soft boundary into east bowl and into town.

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