The ski patrol has been performing their due diligence on the lower mtn for the past couple of days.  Things are shaping up nicely, some minor activity here and there, but with at least 3 avalanche related fatalities in the state, we are taking every precaution including using time to our advantage.

That being said, the lower mtn will be officially open on Sunday, however if you happen to be around the top of Griz on Saturday afternoon you just may be in for a treat as we are considering a “soft opening” sometime after noon on Saturday the 29th!!

It is still fairly boney at the bottom and there are no shortage of stumps rocks willow and free flowing streams – sooooo please be careful and don’t forget to ski with a partner/buddy/friend.

Last but not least – the village side should be open (no longer soft boundary) on Monday & there might even be a groomed trail on Saturday or Sunday.

We are off to at great start to the season, yes we have had some hiccups along way, but all in all its appears to be an awesome start to the season.  Cheers – GM