With the start of March upon us, the true madness begins on the Tuesday the 5th with the 4th year of $12 Tuesdays.    Skiing, Riding and Striding are still very good and between the Cross Center, Village and Mtn there are plenty of activities goin’ off.  There are fun races including Nastar and Senior Games, wine tasting/socials and much, much more!

Check the events calendar on the “Make Plans” tab then “Schedule”for details.

Here are a couple of operational modifications on the Mtn.  With the current conditions on the lower Mtn, Griz Chair will be on a daily delayed opening schedule.  It will open as condition permit, instead of the usual first thing in the morning.  The other change is that Koala Chair will then open at 9a, hence running all day.  Essentially we have just flip flopped the two schedules, Griz goes on a delayed opening and Koala now runs all day.  We will monitor conditions and make other adjustments as necessary.  Needless to say new snow can be a game changer!

You may have seen “Free Ticket Fridays” on facebook, it’s actually a contest to WIN free tickets, not actually free to all who show up.  We are trying to double our facebook fan base, the strategy behind it is to bring in your friends,  be entered into the Friday drawing to win 2 tickets good anytime for the rest of this season.  By doubling the fan base we can have a greater outreach when we do launch special promotions to actually drive volume to the ski area and village.  So one more time, the only free skiing on Fridays are for the contest winners, to win, bring a friend to the fold of BV facebook and await for your name to be drawn!

The 2013/14 Season Pass Sale will be launched around March 16th.  To avoid confusion regarding prices for the current year being mistaken for next years pass we have made current prices a little harder to find.

- $12 Tuesdays, don’t miss the 2nd cheapest days of the season and only 52 days left so ya better get to it! GM