I know, I know – what a terrible grooming job we did (or didn’t do). On Wednesday night it was just too warm, wet and saturated to lay anything down. The groomers were creating more of mess with each grooming pass than they were able to clean up. It was disastrous. Hence, by default it became a powder day, for about an hour anyway. You all know what a heart stopping moment it is when you round through Snoopy’s Hanger and nothing’s groomed – just want you to know – you aren’t alone as my heart was in the pit of my stomach too!

As much as you want to believe we didn’t groom anything because we were too cheap, it was actually & truly conditions driven. We have extra crews coming in earlier tonight and with the colder temps we should be back on track for Friday & the weekend (baring any winch cat break downs that is).

The lower mountain didn’t fare as well as we had hoped either; major rains below 7000’ certainly didn’t do us any favors. The lower mtn was closed today (Wed) to give it a chance to set up and possibly turn hard enough & into that beloved stand on top carving experience. As much as I hate to let it go, this is probably the last weekend for the lower mountain. We will try to keep it through the last $12 Tuesday, but from here on out the Griz ramp is all hand work because we can’t get a cat down the access road any more. The team has to haul snow 30yrds in ski patrol toboggans to keep the ramp useable. So, get it now!

As to closing day – with all the warm temps we’ve had and forecasted warm days, the 21st is probably a pipe dream unless it snows significantly or stays really cold at night. So, just in case, we are shifting those last week end events, being Slush Cup and Season Pass luncheon, to the weekend of the 13 & 14. Check the web site for details.

The weekend of the 13th &14th will be jam packed with Reggae, Pond Skimming, Slush Cup and the annual Season Pass Luncheon – yah mon, lets get it on! Now I’m afraid to say how many days are left – we’ll just have to leave as – not many, gettm’ while you can. – gm