With Spring officially just around the corner we will be down to the final 30 days of the season.  Regardless of what you’re thinking, the product is still quite good, almost everything is still ski and ride-able.  The heat is on though and which tanks first is anybodies guess on the lower mtn or village side trails, only time will tell.  Currently they are mostly open and actually good riding as long as you keep your eyes open and get there early.  Of course it’s going to snow (always a game changer) again this season, but not until we absolutely need it.

The lower mountain continues to open & close based off of the best ski/ride windows to preserve the snow surface so it stays relatively smooth without the deep ruts that tend to occur during the max heat of the day.  While these unpredictable hours may disappoint some, its all about maintaining the ski quality which will delight others.  Its all weather and temperature driven, most likely it will be open every morning & closing daily around noonish.  What’s really going to drive keeping the lower mountain open will be how long we can maintain the Griz Access Road for emergency evacuations if there is a lift failure.  Did I mention the hours of operation are all weather & temperature driven?

On the village side, Home Run has definitely seen better days so while its not officially closed, it does have a ribbon across the top but its still accessible as a soft boundary from the sides.  The ribbon also directs visitors over to Lunch Run which is still hanging in there.  Our intentions are to maintain village access until the day we close, however and this should be no surprise, safety will always trump everything else.

Lastly – the 2013/14 season passes are now on sale, gettem now & beat the December crowds & before the price goes up on May 1st.  Be sure to check to see if you can renew your pass on line, remember once you own an adult pass, it renewable, so you don’t need to get a new picture.

Only 38 days left, so let go! – gm