That’s what we call that time period prior to opening when it starts to snow and everyone gets anxious to get into winter activities and they want to get the season started NOW!!

I love to hear about the pent up demand, it means that our guests are excited about the season, enthusiasm is high, and they are talking it up.

This will be my 33rd time opening a ski area for the season, in that time I don’t ever recall getting one open “soon enough” for our loyal guests. I spent several years at a ski area in Colorado that was almost always the first to open and last to close in the entire USA. And we still could not be open “early enough” nor did we stay open “long enough” – I guess it’s just the nature of the beast ;-0

Here at Bear Valley we have opened as early as Nov 6th and closed as late as May 1st – guess what – probably still not soon enough or long enough? I think it’s an ongoing conundrum– hence the term PENT UP DEMAND!!

All that being said…ON TO OPENING DAY, the recent weather has certainly been challenging, while we received 84” of snow we also received almost nine inches of free water (rain). Despite the rain, we survived and are able to move up our opening by one day, Thursday December 20th is our newly scheduled opening day and it a free day, yep that’s right, no charge for anybody. Just go by the ticket office and get your free ticket. Remember you heard it here first!!

During the peak of the storm cycle I thought we would be 90% done with snowmaking, however it looks like we will be firing up again with a newly revised strategy. In the meantime the cats continue to track pack the beginner and intermediate terrain to set up a sustainable base product.

At minimum we should have most of the upper mtn, serviced by Kuma, Cub/Super Cub and Kola. The Bear West Side (Polar) will be a little more challenging without more snow, so stay tuned.