Pictured – A world all its own – guess where the cat is (winner gets bragging rights) and of course a sliver of a moon over paradise!

Yep noodling – what the heck is noodling?  It’s a new grooming term and technique for laying out corduroy on the steeps where we will be doing a little bobbing and weaving down the trails.  The cats will be out tonight grooming corridors down West World, Bear Boogie/Goldie, National and Sugar.  We will also hit the run out from Groovy Gully.  This strategy will be carried into and expanded for Sunday too.  More grooming is on the way.

It’s a hectic weekend with lots of fun activities and events plus one action item.

You won’t find me promoting events here in the blog very often, but this is going to be a great weekend – sunny, warm, the deck BBQ will fire up on Saturday with Deb at the beer box  and Melissa in the Saloon.

Action required – Now that the place is all reflective again and the suns arc is getting higher – be sure to wear your sun screen – this weekend is SUN AWARENESS DAY – FREE SUN SCREEN AT ALL SALES LOCTIONS WHILE SUPPLIES LAST (cheers mikey this patrons for you).

On Sunday, we are hosting a slope style event in the beefed up Cub Park, the park is bigger and better than ever before.  Check it out as you do a flyby on Kuma lift.

Lastly and because we can , we are hosting the Rasmussen Classic, (USSA, 12 and under) race on Rodeo, there will be 80 or so, soon to be Olympian, following in the famous ski tracks of Kyle Rasmussen.

Its time to get out of your arm chairs, off the couch or take a break from biking, hiking and golf! There are only 80 days (+/-) left! – cheers, Jim

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