As of today (Wednesday) there are only 12 days of winter operations left at the mountain!

With the ups and downs of the weather, it doesn’t look like we are going to get the great bake needed to pull the lower mountain out of the hat.  Most of you probably knew it was a long shot and were wondering what world I was living in to even think it could happen.  With only about foot to 18” at Griz bottom, Griz access road nearly impassable and without a deep freeze, the snow pack on the lower 1/3 can barely support any weight.  It is with great frustration that we officially announce that the lower mountain will not open this season.

I know this is very disappointing to many of you, but the good news is that we are having some pretty incredible spring skiing left on the Upper Mountain and Village Side.  With the bus back on its regular schedule, I even made a couple of runs into the village on Tuesday and had a great time gliding through the mash.

Come join us for some great fun as there is still a lot to do over the next couple of weekends with many time tested traditional events lined up.  Check out the web site for more info on the skier/rider/boarder cross, egg hunt, slush cup, pond skimming, reggae and a jib jam.

Once again our last scheduled day of operations will be April 15th.

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