Opening tomorrow – Friday, finally.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the team can rally in the final 24hrs prior to opening day.  However I do recognize how torturous it can be, as that last 10% seems to take forever!  Pictured – final prep for the Sun Room

As the season thus far would have it, we are expecting some wind tonight, with gusts into the 40’s.  Because of the wind and risk of snow loss, the groomers will be in early Friday morning to put the final touches down.

We will have the Kuma triple chair, Cub, Super Cub and the Panda Carpet running by 9:00 (weather and PG&E permitting).  Pictured -  the Kuma loading ramp

OH BTW, you may notice that we changed the base from 11” to the standard 18” which better describes what depth it takes to open on machine made snow.

See you on the Slopes!

- Jim

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