How great is today!!  Finally, opening day its here and what a great day it is, cool temps have kept the snow in prime condition, the cats had an awesome night laying out that famed and sought after corduroy.  With just about the whole upper mtn open there is plenty of room to spread out and get some early powder turns in.

So the million dollar question – When will the lower mtn open??  Soon, very soon would be the right answer.  HOWEVER – safety is always first and of course skiing & riding has gotta be next.  The patrol will be checking it out over the weekend as we have high hopes that this next storm cycle will drop 2 to 4 feet of snow around that 6000’ level.  Currently there is only about a foot of snow at Griz base.  As I have said year after year – check out the rocks, stumps, boulders and stubbies as you pass by Cottage Springs.

We want and need Griz to open as soon as possible; it’s a huge asset and instrumental to the seasonal success of the Resort.  If this next storm materializes, we’ll be doing everything we can to deliver it as soon as possible and yep; here it is again – in a safe, reasonable and prudent manner.  Only 122 days left, so whatareyawaitnfor!!  GM