It was a horizontal flag day, so I took the opportunity to finally take a picture of the flags standing out and present.

I have been asked many times about the flags we fly, the two most FAQ’s are – what are the countries and why did we choose them?

Let’s start with the easy one, the middle of course is Ole Glory, under that flies the great state of CA and under that is our tribute to and remembrance of all the Prisoners of War (POW).

Moving on to the end poles – to recognize our international neighbor to the south it’s Mexico and the other end recognizes our international neighbor to the north – Canada.

Finally the most confusing ones, the ones on either side of the US flag.  Those two are based on the Winter Olympics – we fly the country that hosted the most recent winter Olympics (Italy) (YES, I know the last Olympics was Canada, (please see neighbor the north)) and the country who is hosting the up coming winter Olympic (Russia).

So not so much of a mystery after all!

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