It’s nice to be wanted and to know I’m missed.  I have had several loyalists reach out to me lately to let me know the importance of maintaining regularity and updated information on the blog.  Apparently, every year I need that little reminder – so once again my bad for not providing a more up to date blog.  GM – Gone Missing – I like it!!

All that being said – skiing and riding are very good, even though we haven’t had any significant snows in awhile, the 148% above average snows from December are still worthy of carving out those deep rails all over the corduroy.  This time of the year the avg base is 61” & today we are at 64”.  I’ve been out 4 times in the last 8 days, each time I start on the lower mtn & found it to be fine skiing, worthy of multiple trips.

Let’s not forget there is a whole lot more to Bear Valley and the Hwy 4 corridor than just downhill skiing and snowboarding.  The Bear Valley Cross Country Center is open daily with tons of Nordic, sledding and tubing.  Bear Valley Snowmobiles have their rental fleet poised for action in the surrounding back country along miles and miles of groomed trails.

Need a half day break from the snow?  Remember passing through Arnold, Big Trees, Murphys and Angels Camp?

Back down toward Arnold, there’s Big Trees State Park, I think the trees there rival most of the other acclaimed “big” trees in the state.  Well worth the price of admission and the 30 minute walk that takes an hour plus to marvel at the massive amount of lumber towering vertically above the forest floor.

Murphys & greater Calaveras County boasts that there are over 30 wineries and no shortage of tasting rooms along main street Murphys.  When was the last time you saw the huge chunk of gold, a magnificent forty-four pound Crystalline Gold Leaf Specimen – the largest in the world!

When you started your travel day, you most likely passed through Angels Camp – “the base camp of the Sierra”.  Don’t miss touring your way up and down historic Main Street.

And last but not least, there are not many places in the US of A where in the middle of winter you can go skiing in the morning, drive less than an hour to play golf or even go water skiing.  Gotta love the climate in NorCal!!

So the message here is get off the couch enjoy the great outdoors cause there are only about 80 days of skiing left this season!!