Thank you all for your comments in regards to the tone of “winter finally gets here”.  While the damage has been done, I truly meant no disrespect, sometimes what I consider as humor crosses the line and can be too edgy for most or my own good.  I thought the disclaimer would have allowed some leeway. Lesson learned.  I will definitely listen to the communication team in the future.

Providing a superior standard of Guest Services is our goal, and I obviously missed the target with you all.  AGAIN, LESSON LEARNED!

Catching up on other comments:

From Bob & more bones – “Kirkwood purchased by Vail Resorts? Good? Bad? Is this a great marketing opportunity for Bear?”  
As to the question of “is this a great marketing opportunity for Bear”, perhaps you all would like to share your perspective on how BVMT could use this to our advantage.  We have had some internal discussion but are not ready to release or share at this time.  

I think this is a great addition to VR’s California Portfolio.  Kirkwood brings a product into the Epic mix that is not really offered by Heavenly or North Star.  When I first move to CA in 2005, we were all chasing the Kirkwood model.  Over the last few years they seem to have lost their edge.  I am confident that over the next 5 years Vail will drive Kirkwood to a new level with capital improvements and services.

From John & Snowymonk – “When will the lower mtn open?”
This was another great storm cycle, it came in warm and heavy (lots of rain between 6000’ and 7000’) and then left light and dry.  The ski patrol will do a recon mission down Grizz on Wednesday.  So stay tuned.  This past weekend was difficult for many reasons but the worst was for those who lost loved ones or had near misses or close calls.  The snow pack is a lot different this season than in a “normal” year.  Once again I hate to keep leaning on Safety First, so we need to await the results of Wednesday exploratory tour.  

From Don –  “charm school” considerations.  
No, not yet.  But you never know…thanks for the smack – I needed it!

From Dawna –   “riders never skiers, lunch breaks & communication”
Thanks for your note.  Over the last few years we have become more generic in our terminology in regards to the inclusive use of the two terms.  However, I know when I share information I generally try to use skier/rider.  I think that since people ride bikes, ride surf boards, ride skateboards and skiers are riding in the terrain parks the term “RIDING” has gained a broader level of acceptance.  I think you will continue to see it both ways for a while to come.

Lift operations and lunch breaks – I agree the lifties work hard and should get a lunch break and for operational reasons either before 11:00a or after 1:00p.  

On communicating the most current, accurate and up to date information in this information age we employ many tactics.  In the span of about 30 mintues total we start getting our messages out to including radio, TV, snow phone, facebook, twitter, website, eblasts and local community.  The team even goes as far as making calls to gas stations and restaurants along hwy 4 just trying to get the word out  There are probably additional methods and we will keep digging in to ensure we get the word out as fast as possible.

In the end, please know these decisions are not made lightly.  Especially on weekend with our final first good dump of snow!!

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