Finally the snowcat crew has started the first rounds of grooming and laying out their corduroy surfaces!  Up to this point they have been pushing piles around to connect the dots.  It’s really starting to look like a ski area again.

The ski patrol showed up in force today and has been shuttling materials to key staging locations and will spend all day Thursday putting up fences & pads, stringing rope, setting perimeters and establishing trail edge delineation.  The Lift Operations team has begun assembling loading and unloading ramps on the lifts, the good news is there is no shortage of snow for them.

It continues to snow every night at Bear Valley and we are looking for a solid opening on Friday!  The snowmakers are relocating the guns to Bear Top and will staging them on West World and Grouse on Friday.  If all goes well we will be making snow on those two trails by Saturday!  Check the web site for more details.

- Jim

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