With only 5 days remaining for the season – I wanted to reach out and personally thank you all for the  75,000 visits you made to BV this winter, to those who would normally generate the other  55,000 visits, we missed you & believe it or not you missed some great skiing/riding, as well as a season for the history books.  I  hope you have not given up the sport and will return next season.

For years I have discussed with my boss that one of the many things that’s unique about our business is there is no such thing as a normal or average season.  Still that’s what we all strive for, plan for, hope for and budget for – just a normal or average season, that’s all we want!  So what’s normal – if you take last years 567” and this years 200” we’re are right on track for being average.

So I guess average would be a snowcat in the middle someplace!

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