Gone Missing again – this time however I am going to blame technical difficulties in that my PC crashed, the back up failed and the back up to the back up had also failed.  I was without a computer for 2 weeks.  As of Sunday I am whole again, just less 20 yrs of accumulated files, information, contacts and history.  But hey, who doesn’t like a clean slate in life!!

NEW SUBJECT – I sometimes hate to engage at this level because it’s usually a no win situation for me, but since I still haven’t learned my lesson, here we go again!

There seems to be lots of suggestion on FB on how to improve attendance, better promote and bring excitement back to BV.  So just to clarify something I have said over and over “I don’t need another skier/rider on a Saturday or Sunday” and you guys should know that better than anybody, the facility just can’t handle it!

So let’s consider the following for M-F & go down the list.

  1. Skiathon, Vertical Challenge, Enduro or the like to support charities.  Great idea, now just bring me the details: how to do crowd control, speeder control, how to manage maze/lift lines, how to track laps, who’s the sponsor, what happens when the lift has intermittent stops, which lift(s) make the most sense?  My past life experience tells me its cheaper for us to just write a check to a favored charity – NO we’re not writing any checks just yet.
  2. Recreational Gates/Racing – Nastar is back, for a small fee you can run gates all day of course this is only weekends and holidays and you can buy a Nastar season pass!!  Just don’t look at the clock on your through the finish
  3. We have tried several LTS promotions; our problem is we don’t have the resources to properly promote it.  So only a handful of people seem to ever take us up.  Look for an end of season special cause we will keep trying as we need to bring new skiers into the sport.  Its called trial and conversion, NSAA has designated the month of January as learn to ski month
  4. Special discount days – is $12 Tuesday not enough??  We could probably extend it but that has not been discussed yet for this season.
  5. Have Photo sessions – We have a wonderful operation here called West World Photo they would be happy accommodate all your photo needs.
  6. Theme days – yes its cool to see all the different types of personal expressions but I am not sure why we would have to give a discount to those who are coming anyway and willing to pay the going rates.
  7. Poker Run – the 20th (+/-) annual Monte Carlo night is coming to BV in mid to late March stay tuned for exact date!

Ok I did it, most likely I will not re-engage on any of these in this format – if you want further discussions, stop by the office & we can carve out an hour or so to discuss feasibility vs sustainability.  Cheers GM